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Beyond IT Consulting provides IT Services, IT Consulting, and business computer services in the Ellis County and surrounding areas.  Weather you need computer, laptop, phone, network, wireless, security, video surveillance, storageIT Services, IT Consulting, Computer Services & Business Computer Services, backup, email and other applications, antivirus or server services and support, Beyond IT Consulting is there to help meet your IT needs.  We are located in Midlothian, TX and proud to provide IT solutions and services for all of your business needs.  Areas of service include:  Midlothian, Waxahachie, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, Red Oak, Lancaster, Duncanville, Ennis, Dallas, and the Ellis County areas.  On site as well and remote support is available to customize  your IT needs.


Cloud Services

The cost of cloud based services are becoming more attractive for businesses with increased features, functionality, security, and support.  More IT vendors are putting R&D into developing and enhancing their existing products and service offerings.  Cloud service offerings include Microsoft Office 365, VoIP phones, cloud managed networking, backup, server applications, and more.  However, it can be a daunting task to determine what cloud services are best suited for your business needs.

Reliable internet circuits are critical to keep your business connected to the cloud and performing optimally.  Throwing more bandwidth and going with cheap residential grade circuits will provide voice and application issues.  Implementing Quality of service (QoS) prioritizes voice and certain applications over data traffic, improves reliability, and more efficiently utilizes bandwidth.  A well designed network is the foundation to providing effective QoS and cloud services.  Some technologies may be best to host on site in vs. the cloud for the best price point, performance, and reliability vs. the cloud.  Let Beyond IT Consulting help you determine this and select a custom solution that best fit your business application needs.

Web Services and Social Media MarketingCloud Services, Web Services and Social Media Marketing

To successfully compete in the marketplace, the importance of an internet presence is crucial your business.  This is quickly becoming an increasing necessity and more competitive.   Search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo  penalize web sites that have inaccurate and spam oriented information.  Accurate and well positioned information to reach the right audience is important. Social media sites and tools need to be set up and utilized properly to effectively portray a professional business image and effectively market.  Facebook, Linked In, Yelp, and Google Business are a few examples that we can help you with.  At Beyond IT Consulting, we provide web site design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and social services to help your business organically grow your internet presence.


it services vision

Beyond IT Consulting is a technology driven company focused on delivering IT solutions customized to enable your business to function effective, efficient and profitable.  Our company has over 22 years of experience and covers a wide range of technologies and business types.  We are small and flexible enough to provide custom it solutions without the overhead.   Multiple certifications including Cisco, Meraki, Microsoft, and CompTIA substantiate our experience and expertise.  We don’t just talk the talk.  We walk the walk.

Beyond IT Consulting has strong relationships with common well known IT vendors and distributors to negotiate competitive pricing.  Such vendors include Cisco, Microsoft, Meraki, HP, Dell, IBM, ATT, Nitel, Spectrum, Vonage, QNAP, and growing.

The business model for Beyond IT Consulting believes that one size does not fit all.  We do not have a brick and motor store, a warehouse of products, locked in vendors, and specific solutions to push on down to our clients.  This provides reduced overheard that we pass down to our clients.  Our place to conduct business is your place of business for remote and onsite work.

Think of Beyond IT Consulting as your part-time on-staff CTO (Chief Technology Officer) resource.  Whether it is in your company‚Äôs best interest to keep your IT in house, outsource  to the cloud, or a combination of both, we are here to recommend, negotiate pricing and terms for you, architect, design, procure, deploy, and/or support anything IT related for your company.  Beyond IT Consulting provides highly customized IT services to supplement your existing in house, 3rd party IT services, as well as provide you all your A-Z IT needs.  Put us to work for you!

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